Ersula Butler is a career administrative “goddess” who excels at writing and proofreading various documents and manuscripts. Current and former clients and employers sing her praises for her knowledge, skills and abilities to devise a plan of action to tackle your most daunting or time-consuming project. Ersula has devoted over 20+ years to supporting executives in a variety of diverse industries with overwhelming success. Telecommunications, Legal, Financial Services, Government and Banking are just a few industries that have created the backdrop for the YUVA framework where Ersula caters to the needs and requirements of her clients. We focus our attention on being an agile and nimble organization that responds quickly to our clients’ demands. Ersula is a published editor. Please check out the personal stories she’s assisted with producing:

The New Me by Amanda Martin

The Dirty Wedding Dress by Audrey Malone

o Ersula holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Georgia State University with a minor in HR Management. She is a CAP-OM (Certified Administrative Professional – Office Management) as designated by the International Association of Administrative Professionals’ global organization.

o Please check out Ersula’s accolades from previous colleagues on her LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ersula-butler

First class Writing / Proofreading

Our team members are experienced professionals who are dedicated to completing your project(s) with devotion and expediency.

Agile solutions

YUVA’s flat organization allows us to respond and complete your projects without bureaucratic red tape. Simply call or email us and we’ll schedule an evaluation consultation, usually within 24 hours.

Ready for discussion

YUVA stands ready to receive and evaluate the scope of your project, assign staffing and begin your project.


YUVA Business and Writing Services is a full-service virtual writing and administrative partner committed to serving our clients with a variety of services. We are committed to establishing partnerships with forward thinking organizations seeking to provide superior customer service to their client without the extreme costs of overhead.


What People Say About Me
“Good writer…very professional.”
Adeline P.
“Ersula was very attentive and noticed the small details including mistakes that were not corrected by my first editor. Ersula helped to get my first book published!”
Karen B.
“This was my first time using a writing service to ghostwrite my life’s story. I made the right choice!”
Alfred T.
“Ersula took my manuscript seriously. By just talking and gaining insight, she helped me to improve book. Her responsiveness was at a level of excellence.”
Carey B.