Our Introductory Blog

YUVA: Our Introductory Blog – YAY!! We’re here.

Hello…Welcome to the Gatekeeper’s Pen!!

This is our very first blog and we are excited to be here. We are energized and ecstatic about
entering the digital age as we introduce our company and our services to you. I am Ersula and the
owner of YUVA (Your Ultimate Virtual Assistant). I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. But,
at the same time, I really enjoyed my career in the corporate environment. And, it was within the
corporate environment where I honed the skills and knowledge I now utilize to enhance my client’s
writing, administrative and operational projects.

The Gatekeeper’s Pen…We named our blog as such because it correctly describes two of my
greatest strengths. First, I am a strong writer. I have written, proofread and assisted with
development for a variety of content for various clients. The Gatekeeper portion of our name is
derived from me having provided support to executives in corporate America. Most times, ads for
Executive Assistants describe the support these individuals provide as being the “The Gatekeeper”
to the executive’s office.

And thus, the name of this blog was born, The Gatekeeper’s Pen. We will use this space to discuss
and share topics that are relevant to both executive supporters and writers, regardless of your writing
genre. We welcome feedback and guest bloggers as we seek to grow this corner of the world.

Please be sure to sign up to receive our blog content. Also, please let us know if you need our
assistance with your proofreading, editing and content development projects as well as any
administrative resources your business may require.

Until the next time, we are forever “Your Ultimate Virtual Assistant”!